Thailand: Let’s Chef Together!

The shared culinary experience as a connecting part of diplomacy can bring nations and people closer together. Learning about the different flavors and customs of other countries serves to convey their ideas of culture, history and way of thinking.

For that reason, H.E. Morakot Sriwasdi, Ambassador of the Royal Thai Embassy organized the event „Let’s Chef together“, where chefs de cuisine of the embassies of Jordan, The Netherlands, Peru, Japan, Sri Lanka and the USA came together to discover Thai gastronomy by cooking and tasting a three course meal. The Ambassadors of Jordan, H.E. Leena Al Hadid, Peru, H.E. Eric Anderson Machado and Sri Lanka, H.E. Majintha Jayesinghe joined their chefs in the preparation of the meal. Afterwards, the participants shared a table together to taste the delicious Thai lunch they had cooked.

Photos: SOCIETY/Pobaschnig