SOCIETY: Grand Nowruz Celebration at the Austrian National Library

SOCIETY publisher Gertrud Tauchhammer, represented by Editor-in-Chief Tanja Tauchhammer, invited to the traditional Nowruz Celebration at the Camineum of the Austrian National Library. Together with the Embassies of Afghanistan with H.E. Manizha Bakhtari, Azerbaijan with H.E. Rovshan Sadigbayli and Director of the Azerbaijani Cultural Center, Leyla Gasimova, Iran with H.E. Abbas Bagherpour Ardekani, Iraq with H.E. Baker Fattah Hussen Hussen, Kazakhstan with H.E. Mukhtar Tileuberdi, Kyrgyzstan with H.E. Tolendy Makeyev, Pakistan with H.E. Aftab Ahmad Khokher, Tajikistan with H.E. Idibek Kalandar, Turkmenistan with H.E. Hemra Amannazarov and Uzbekistan with H.E. Bakhtiyor Ibragimov – and in presence of the Deputy Chief of Protocol of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, Christoph Meyenburg – SOCIETY celebrated the holiday that signifies spring, the rebirth of nature, the beginning of agricultural and horticultural work and vernal equinox. The moderator of the evening, former Austrian Trade Delegate Rudolf Thaler led through the colorful evening which was crowned by the impressive music performances of artists from Iraq (drum and oboe) – who broke the ice and animated people to dance -, Afghanistan with beautiful melodies interpreted by Janagha Zamani (sitar) and Bahram Ajezyar (tabla), Iran who performed an enchanting song, followed by the wonderful Kazakh folk music group „Akzharma“ and dance group „Zhorga“ who gracefully performed together. Last but not least, the musicians from Azerbaijan, Mənsum İbrahimov (Vocal), Sədəf Budaqova (Vocal), Elçin Həşimov (Tar), Elnur Əhmədov (Kamança) and Kamran Kərimov (Nağara), impressed with their musical skills, as did the soloists of the Azerbaijan State Dance Ensemble.

Another highlight of the evening were the beautifully decorated tables of the participating Embassies, showcasing traditional handicraft and giving an impression of the respective country’s Nowruz tradition as well as the delicious food provided by the Diplomatic Missions.

Photos: SOCIETY/Karakan/Pobaschnig