SOCIETY: Nowruz – Traditional Spring Celebration

Gertrud Tauchhammer, Publisher of SOCIETY and Tanja Tauchhammer, Editor-in-Chief invited to the traditional reception of „Ambassadors and Friends of SOCIETY“ under the motto „Nowruz – Traditional Spring Celebration“ at hotel Park Hyatt Wien.

One of the highlights of the event were the beautifully decorated tables of the participating Embassies, which proudly presented the Nowruz traditions typical of their country and also provided the international guests with delicious traditional dishes.

The official part of the evening was opened by moderator Rudolf Thaler, former Austrian Trade Commissioner in Almaty, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Kyiv, Abu Dhabi, Stockholm |Regional Director Africa & Middle East, SE Asia who handed over the microphone to host Gertrud Tauchhammer who welcomed the numerous guests.

Afterwards, the Envoy and Deputy Head of the Protocol Department of the BMEIA, Bernard Faustenhammer, addressed personal words to those present before Ambassador Gerhard Sailler, Deputy Director General – Political Affairs Director of the Department II.3 – Russian Federation; Eastern Europe and South Caucasus, Eastern Partnership, Turkey and Central Asia, Arctic, BMEIA addressed the audience.

The speeches were followed by personal Nowruz greetings by the participating Ambassadors and their deputies: (in alphabetical order):

Afghanistan: Ambassador H.E. Manizha BAKHTARI, represented by Fazull Mahmood RAHEMEE PAJWAK, Chargé d’Affaires

India: Ambassador H.E. Jaideep MAZUMDAR

Iran: Ambassador H.E. Abbas BAGHERPOUR ARDEKANI, represented by Mahmoud Rezvani, Chargé d’Affaires

Iraq: Ambassador H.E. Baker Fattah HUSSEN HUSSEN

Kazakhstan: Ambassador H.E. Alibek BAKAYEV

Kyrgyzstan: Ambassador H.E. Tolendy MAKEYEV

Pakistan: Ambassador H.E. Aftab Ahmad KHOKHER, represented by Chargé d’Affaires Adeel Ahmad KHAN

Tajikistan: Ambassador H.E. Idibek KALANDAR

Turkmenistan: Ambassador H.E. Hemra AMANNAZAROV

Uzbekistan: Ambassador H.E. Abat FAYZULLAEV

H.E. Abat Fayzullaev also ceremonially presented SOCIETY- Publisher Gertrud Tauchhammer with a „Certificate of Brand Ambassador of Tourism for Uzbekistan“ – a great honor and beautiful recognition of Ms Tauchhammer’s efforts regarding tourism in Uzbekistan.

The „grand finale“ of the event was the music program with artists from Tajikistan (Mrs. Munira Chudoba), Afghanistan (Mr. Janagha Zamani and Mr. Bahram), India (Mrs. Priya Ponraj and Pryal Rana), Pakistan (Mr. Sarfraz) and Kazakhstan (Mrs . Aidana Madyar, Ms. Beken Meimankhan and Mr. Yessengali Kumarov).

With this, a great evening came to an end.

A special thanks to our cooperation partner Lux Spirits, whose support is highly cherished!