Reception at the French Embassy: French Presidency of the EU Council and Presentation of the latest SOCIETY issue

H.E. Gilles Pécout, Ambassador of France to Austria, Mrs. Anne-Christine Pécout-Kuri, Prof. Mag. Gertrud Tauchhammer, publisher of SOCIETY Magazine and Mag. Tanja Tauchhammer, editor-in-chief, invited to a festive reception on the occasion of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union with a special focus on the renewed partnership between the EU and Africa and the presentation of the summer issue of SOCIETY Magazine at the historical building of the French Embassy.

After the welcome words by H.E. Gilles Pécout, the Maestro who conducted the „Concert des continents – Europa – Afrika 2022“, Vijay Upadhyaya, held a short speech, followed by the greeting words by Mag. Gertrud Tauchhammer and a speech by Ambassador Mag. Dr. Arthur Winkler-Hermaden from the Protocol Section of the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

After the official welcome of the guests, the latest issue of SOCIETY with a special focus on France was revealed together with the Ambassadors (or their respective deputies) featured in the newest magazine and SOCIETY guest author Hermine Schreiberhuber.

The international guests, among them former US Ambassador Helene von Damm, WKO vice president Martha Schultz, H.E. Roland Bimo (Albania), H.E. Nelson Antonio Tabajara de Oliveira (Brazil), H.E. Belen Sapag (Chile), H.E. Roger Alberic Kacou (Côte d’Ivoire), H.E. Laura Faxas (Dominican Republic), H.E. Jaideep Mazumdar (India), H.E. Baker Fattah Hussen Hussen (Iraq), H.E. Stefano Beltrame (Italy), H.E. Akira Mizutani (Japan), H.E. Kairat Umarov (Kazakhstan), H.E. Ibrahim Assaf (Lebanon), H.E. Samir Koubaa (League of Arab States), H.E. Luis Javier Campuzano Piña (Mexiko), H.E. Osvit Rosoklija (North Macedonia), H.E. Aftab Ahmad Khokher (Pakistan), H.E. Majintha Jayesinghe (Sri Lanka), H.E. Idibek Kalandar (Tajikistan), H.E. Haytham Abdulmomen Shoja’aadin (Yemen), Minister and General Consul of the UK, Emma Baines, Thomas Sibley (USA) and Jovan Perovic (Montenegro, First Secretary) then enjoyed culinary delicacies and drinks.

Photos: SOCIETY/Pobaschnig/Karakan

(c) SOCIETY/Pobaschnig

(c) SOCIETY/Karakan