“International Flower Festival” in Namangan

The greatest flower festival in Namangan region will be held on the last week of May and in the beginning of June. It lasts from May 24 to June 5 in the recreation park named after Z.M Bobur. Each year, Namangan Flowers Festival is celebrated by people internationally. It is a unique opportunity for nurseries and garden designers to exhibit their work at a Namangan flowers festival.

To hold the festival in high spirits, the Namangan Main Department of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Uzbekistan is working closely with supportive organizations and industries. Our team wants to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is contributing to organize Uzbekistan’s most famous and traditional flower festival. There is such an appetite for gardens and nature at the moment and we will all celebrate this at “Namangan flower festival”.

It should be noted that the scope of the Namangan region’s flower festival has expanded in the last years. Therefore, the number of local and foreign tourists and guests expressing a desire to participate has increased. Guests from South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, The Netherlands and neighboring countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are invited to take part in the festival. This colorful festival is covered not only by our local media representatives but also by a number of foreign media representatives, including from Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, India and neighboring countries. It should be mentioned that Abat Fayzullaev, The Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Austria, is helping us in terms of publishing our articles and attracting tourists to attend the upcoming festival.

It is highly expected that this festival will help to promote tourism attractiveness of Namangan region and build a strong relationship between local and foreign tourists as a whole. Namangan region will have a great opportunity to show its tourism potential to the whole world.

In total, more than 200 entrepreneur-florists and 120 companies will attend the event and present flowers. Last year, 10 million saplings were planted in Namangan Flower Festival. It should be noted that in this upcoming Flower festival, 25 million flowers are going to be planted. Year by year, the number of saplings and flowers planted is increasing considerable.

The Flower Parade will take place on the central streets of Namangan City. In this parade, more than 200 local transports such as cars, combines, fire trucks, tractors, tracks and ambulances decorated with flowers and our national symbol flag, move through Namangan city to the Z.M. Bobur recreation park.

The Flower Festival is important not only in meeting the aesthetic needs of the population, but also in covering the city with goodness. This holiday is distinguished with its ethno-ecological aspects, as the other spring ceremonies.

“It has become a great and an annual traditional event for everyone since it was held for the first time in 1961. So Namangan Flower Festival will bring unforgettable moments to visitors.”

We are looking forward to seeing you at “International Flower Festival”,

Yours faithfully,

Namangan Main Department of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of the

Republic of Uzbekistan

Text/Photos: Embassy of Uzbekistan in Austria

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