SOCIETY: Traditional New Ambassadors Welcome Reception

Gertrud Tauchhammer, Publisher of SOCIETY Magazine and Tanja Tauchhammer, Editor-in-Chief, invited to a traditional welcome reception and get-together in honour of the new Ambassadors to Austria at the beautiful Präsidentensuite of Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien. After the greeting words by Gertrud Tauchhammer, Ambassador Enno Drofenik, Chief of Protocol, welcomed the Ambassadors on behalf of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, subsequently, General Manager of Palais Hansen Kempinski Wien, Florian Wille, addressed the guests.

The newly accredited Ambassadors of Ecuador, H.E. Mireya del Carmen Muñoz Mera, of Laos, H.E. Khonepheng Thammavong, of Mongolia, H.E. Tsengeng Mijiddorj and of North Macedonia, H.E. Osvit Rosklija then received a photo of their accreditation ceremony from SOCIETY Magazine.

Many of their colleagues followed the invitation as well and welcomed the new Diplomats here in Vienna, among them the Ambassadors of Afghanistan, Albania, Brazil (designated), Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Georgia, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Thailand and Uruguay and the Chargée d’Affaires of Montenegro and The Philippines as well as the Minister of the Egyptian Embassy.

Furthermore, the former Federal Ministers Werner Fasslabend and Andrea Kdolsky attended the reception, as well as Arthur Winkler-Hermaden from the Protocol Section of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, Martina Fasslabend (President of Kinderschutzpreis), SOCIETY guest authors Hermine Schreiberhuber (formerly APA), Kurt Seinitz (Kronen Zeitung) and Rudolf Thaler (formerly WKO).

Photos: SOCIETY/Pobaschnig