Club der Handelsräte: 50th Anniversary Event

To celebrate its 50-year anniversary, Club der Handelsräte invited to an event at the WKO building in Vienna.

Chairman of the evening was Mag. Georg Krauchenberg, Secretary-General of CdH. The program included welcome speeches by Mag. Michael Otter, Head of Advantage Austria, WKO and Ambassador Mag. Dr. Thomas Oberreiter, Director General, Section III Europe & Economy, Federal Ministry Republic of Austria European and International Affairs.

The president of CdH, Ron Willis, spoke about „The Changing World During 50 Years of the CdH“, followed by the keynote speech by Mag. Stefan Bruckbauer, Chief Economist of UniCredit Bank Austria, about „Economy Under the Sign of War – Outlook for 2022 and Beyond”.

A Special Report on Energy Supply by DI Walter Boltz, Adviser to the Austrian Government for Energy Supply,Former Executive Director of E-Control, Senior Adviser European Energy and Member of ACER, European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, Board of Appeal concluded the official program of the event, which was followed by a reception hosted by Advantage Austria, WKO.

Photos: SOCIETY/Pobaschnig