Nawruz Traditional Spring Celebration

Mag. Gerti Tauchhammer, the publisher of SOCIETY and Dr. Leyla Mahat, President of the Eurasian Society for Culture and Arts invited to Park Hyatt to celebrate the Eurasian New Year, Nawruz. This festival has a long tradition among countries of Central Asia: the participating countries Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Uzbekistan each presented their way of celebrating Nawruz, displayed to the guests of the event on specially set up tables.

After welcoming words of Mag. Gerti Tauchhammer, Dr. Leyla Mahat and moderator Dr. Adrian Hollaender, the Ambassadors of the participating countries, H.E. Ebadollah Molaei (Iran), H.E. Bakyt Bakyt Dzhusupov (Kyrgyzstan), H.E. Mehmet Ferden Carikci (Turkey) and H.E. Sherzod Asadov (Uzbekistan) explained the importance of Nawruz in a short speech.  For the musical entertainment of the guests, the Kazakh musicians Zhangir Zhubanov (violin) and Aidana Madyar (flute, Saz Syrnai) performed traditional Kazakh folk songs.

Fotos: SOCIETY/Pobaschnig