Estonia: National Day

As Covid-19 still keeps our community from celebrating in person, SOCIETY decided to provide a platform for Embassies to present their National Day’s traditions and costums. Below, the Embassy of Estonia with Ambassador H.E. Toomas KUKK gives us an insight into the Estonian National Day celebrations.

Do you have special traditions regarding the National Day?

In Estonia, February 24th is marked by fireworks, concerts, a parade of the Defence Forces and a presidential reception.

What is the history of your National Day? What does it relate to?

From 1918 to 1920, the Estonian people were caught in the Estonian War of Independence. The most significant day was February 24th, 1918, on which Estonia declared statehood, which is commemorated as a national holiday.

How will you celebrate this year’s National Day?

This year the Ambassadors will invite their colleagues and friends of Estonia to have a little fun and test their knowledge of Estonia with an online quiz.

Photo: pixabay