SOCIETY: ASEAN Day 2023: „Ramayana: A Shared ASEAN Story“

On the occasion of the ASEAN Day 2023, Gertrud Tauchhammer, Publisher of SOCIETY Magazine, together with the Heads of Mission of the ASEAN countries in Vienna, H.E. Damos Dumoli Agusman (Indonesia), H.E. Khonepheng Thammavong (Lao PDR), H.E. Ikram bin Mohd Ibrahim (Malaysia), H.E. Min Thein (Myanmar), H.E. Evangelina Lourdes Bernas (Philippines), H.E. Deputy Permanent Representative Jophie Tang (Singapore), H.E. Vilawan Mangklatanakul (Thailand) and H.E. Trung Kien Nguyen (Vietnam) invited to a reception under the motto „Ramayana: A Shared ASEAN Story“ at the magnificent Zeremoniensäle of Almanac Palais Vienna. On several tables, the Embassies showcased their traditional handicraft and clothing as well as typical objects connected to the Ramayana tradition of their country. After the welcome remarks by SOCIETY publisher Gertrud Tauchhammer and the speech by the Ambassador of the Philippines, H.E. Evangelina Lourdes A. Bernas, current Chair of the ASEAN Vienna Committee, moderator Adrian Holleander from the artist agency Hollaender-Calix, led through the programme of the evening which started with a Silat demonstration, a Malay martial art with regional cultural and symbolic elements, performed by the Silat Akademie Vienna. Afterwards, the Embassy of Myanmar showed a video of “Sita’s rejection of Dasagiri Courtship” which was followed by a performance by Anton Miguel De Vera who sang the song “Tagistis ng Ulan” from the Philippine musical “Rama Hari” based on the epic tale of Ramayana. Last but not least, four Indonesian dancers performed the dance “Longing for Shinta”, a short version of the heroic story of Rama, the famous king of India. The beautiful performances gave the guests a chance to get a glimpse of the meaning of the Ramayana tradition for the participating countries and the delicious food provided by the Embassies made them embark on a journey through the many flavours of ASEAN countries.