Nawruz and the New Silk Road

To celebrate the traditional Spring Festival of the Eurasian countries, SOCIETY publisher Mag. Gertrud TAUCHHAMMER invited ten delegations to present their Nawruz tables at the Grand Salon of Park Hyatt Vienna.

The guests of the evening had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the Nawruz traditions of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan, that were displayed on the respective tables.

Adrian Hollaender was guiding through the evening. The host, Gerti TAUCHHAMMER, received the title „Ambassador of the Eurasian Academy of Arts“  by Leyla Mahat, president of the Eurasian Academy of Arts together with H.E. Samir KOUBAA, who was also appointed Honorary Member of the Eurasian Academy of Arts. This was followed by the speeches of the Ambassadors from Afghanistan (represented by Mr. Azizulrahman Safawi) Azerbaijan: H.E. Mr Galib ISRAFILOV, Iran: H.E. Mr Ebadollah MOLAEI, Kazakhstan: H.E. Mr Kairat SARYBAY, Kyrgyzstan: H.E. Mr. Bakyt DZHUSUPOV, Russian Federation: H.E. Mr Dmitrii LIUBINSKII, Turkey: H.E. Mr Ümit YARDIM, Turkmenistan: H.E. Mr Silapberdi, NURBERDIEV, Uzbekistan: H.E. Mr Sherzod ASADOV, Pakistan (represented by Saima MASOOR KHAN, the spouse of Ambassador KHAN) who explained the importance of Nawruz for their respective countries.

Musical interventions by Saba Ensemble (Iran), Umut Muratbekova (Kyrgyzstan), Yeden Ensemble (Turkey), Mr. Sarfaraz (Pakistan) and Steppe Sons (Kazakhstan) transported the guests into the vibrant world of the Eurasian countries.

Photos: SOCIETY/Pobaschnig